We at ADF-Solutions GmbH want to do more than just satisfy our customers and partners; we want to help you gain competitive advantages through customised solutions. ADF-Solutions GmbH achieves effective and sustainable results in a complex corporate environment thanks to a comprehensive range of services in the industrial sector, along the entire value-adding chain. You will receive a sustainable solution founded on expert advice; your assignments will be implemented in a result-oriented manner through Interim Management, in which I act as an operational manager.


The “strategist” and the “executor” are one and the same person at ADF-Solutions GmbH. Consequentially, the question is not one of “consultant or manager”, but rather one of personal qualification, expertise and experience.

Conceptualisation process

As a consultant, ADF-Solutions GmbH provides its customers and partners with comprehensive support throughout the entire conceptualisation process from analysis to development and implements the target concept as an Interim Manager during the implementation phase.

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